1. moonwithinyourheart:

    cleaning up some files and i remembered that i still very much like my cecil.

    I like your cecil too

  2. theartofem:


    A promo draw for Voodoo in Stereo that I’ll have as bookmarks at FLUKE in Athens, GA on Apiril 19th!
    If any of my followers are in that area be sure to stop by and get some free art!

    In addition to my bookmarks, I’ll have mini comics, buttons, prints, and a few other goodies!

  3. donovonshepard:

    that is the least graceful cat i’ve ever seen!

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  5. wewereastrokeofluck:



    I just want to hug it. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?

    It’s a Chusky (Chow Chow + Husky).

    im fucking crying

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  6. So my Ryuko wig came today!

    Havent really styled it yet (hence the pins) but I HAD to show it off! My bitchface finally works for something. 

    MCR jacket’s holding the place of my actual ryuko hoodie which should be here next month. 

  7. ball python morphs by constrictors unlimited

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  9. homotography:

    Neil Patrick Harris by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, May 2014

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  10. bunkitz:

    Favorite X-Men

    (#2) Quintavius Quirinus Quire

    Omega level mutant: Hyper-Intelligence, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psionic Constructs

    "Dark Phoenix in Training"

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  11. New business cards look pretty slick.